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How would you rate your overall experience in this workshop? 

Excellent. Felt like I got a lot out of it and it’s suitable for writers of any level.

Fantastic. I had relatively high expectations, but the actual experience blew them out of the water.

Excellent. Showed us the actual craft of writing, what to take.

10/10. This experience was amazing, informative, and so so helpful to my career as a writer.

Very fruitful

I enjoyed the format. It was my first time in a writing workshop and it would very useful to improve my writing.

The overall experience was superb.

What was the most valuable part of the program for you?

The group workshopping and lectures on pitching and structure. It’s not often you have several people willing to give feedback on your work so I felt having the group edits helped me improve a lot. The structure and pitching workshops were most helpful to me because structure makes or breaks a good piece of writing, and then you’ve got to make some money somehow from your hard work!

Getting feedback on my from my peers and mentors. Also seeing how others changed and refined their drafts.

It was all great; hard to choose. I think doing the workshopping of other people's pieces forces you to think about your own work differently, and that is very valuable. But getting information from people who make a living writing is also hugely valuable.

The workshopping. The contacts

Seminars with the mentors. Learning about how to pitch, how to interview, how to structure - these are all the most valuable lessons for me. I wished they were longer! I found all the mentors to be engaging and their specialties so diverse - I really commend Flat Worms for introducing us to such an array of talent.

The workshops.I got a lot of feedback that enabled me to look at my work critically and improve on it.

Hearing feedback from others, and looking at my writing more critically. The guest lectures were also good, namely narrative structure, and interviewing.

Being able to bounce ideas off several willing minds was incredibly valuable.

Other feedback:

Thanks, loved it, exceeded my expectations, would do it all over again and recommend to writer friends.

I had an amazing time and I will miss it so much.

I can't emphasize how amazing this experience has been.

Thank you for the experience.

Thank you very much for creating the course.

Thank you for orchestrating the program! I hope several more Edmonton writers benefit from it in the future as well.