WHAT is narrative nonfiction? 

Sometimes called creative nonfiction or literary journalism, this style combines the techniques of fiction and poetry with the rigours and ethics of traditional journalism to tell stories in a way that is powerful, artistic and true.

Narrative nonfiction can be memoir, humour, essay or journalism, and is primarily defined by the use of narrative techniques in factual writing.  

How does the program work?

Participants begin the program with a 1,500-3,000 word draft of a story, which will then be workshopped, edited and refined over seven weeks to a polished piece of narrative nonfiction.

In a series of seven evening classes and their own writing and assigned readings outside class, students will learn specific techniques and skills around researching, interviewing, writing, and publishing their work, receive one-on-one mentorship and workshopping of their pieces, and give and receive feedback within a supportive writing community. 

Students will continue rewriting and editing their pieces throughout the seven weeks of the program. The program will conclude with a reception and evening of student readings.  

I'm not an experienced writer. Is this program too advanced for me?

This program is made for you! We have developed this program to be valuable for everyone from novice writers to professional working journalists. No matter what your level of skill and experience, the Flat Worms Writing Studio a place to learn, get feedback, and develop your skills and style in a supportive and positive environment. 

I'm an experienced writer. Is this program too easy for me?

This program is made for you! See answer above. 

I'm not sure what to write about in this program. What should i do? 

We want to make sure you get the most of this program and experience. If you're not sure what to write about or where to get started, get in touch. We're happy talk it through with you! 

What happens at a class? 

Each class begins with a seminar about a specific aspect of narrative nonfiction writing including the fundamental techniques of nonfiction writing and research, the specific skills and challenges of memoir and first-person writing, and the practicalities of writing and selling your work.

Individual student work is then workshopped and discussed in small groups led by mentors and in one-on-one discussion.  

Classes run from 7-10 p.m. 

Who Should apply for this program? 

This program is open to writers with a range of experience, including journalists, creative writers, memoirists and others seeking to develop and refine a piece of writing, or develop their writing and research skills overall.

Both published and unpublished writers are welcome. 

In addition to proposing a 1,500-3,000 word piece of nonfiction, applicants are asked to submit examples of previous writing.

how much does it cost? 

The program is $495 per person, with two scholarships available. 

why is it so expensive?

We wish the workshop could be free for everyone! The Flat Worms Writing Studio is a passion project, and we aren't trying to make a profit. But we do believe writers should be paid for their time, and know that the program needs to be sustainable to continue offering workshops in the future. All our fees go to modest payment to the mentors, rental for the beautiful space at Homestead Edmonton, some minor associated costs (like website hosting), and some surprises for participants in the program. 

We believe that participants will get very good value for their money, and that the program will be a valuable investment. With a focus on building skills, editing, and learning about the business of writing, we also hope participants will be able to recoup their costs (and more!) by selling their finished pieces from the program and others stories in the future.  

more questions? 

Email us at flatwormswriting@gmail.com