Michael Hingston


Michael Hingston is a journalist and best-selling author whose work has appeared in WiredThe Washington PostThe AtlanticThe Guardian, Atlas Obscura, The Daily Beast, Hazlitt, Salon, The Walrus, and The Globe and Mail.

He has written on topics including Roald Dahl and whether salt can stop superbugs, and is the co-founder of Hingston & Olsen Publishing, home of the Short Story Advent Calendar

Michael also openly shares the practicalities and challenges of writing life, including balancing writing and family, writing while working a full time job, and how to write a nonfiction book proposal.  

His first book, The Dilettanteswas published in 2013. Michael is currently writing a book about Calvin and Hobbes for ECW Press.


Richard Kelly Kemick

Richard Kelly Kemick is a poet and writer of both fiction and nonfiction, whose work has been published in magazines and journals across Canada and the United States, including The Walrus, Maisonneuve, and Taddle Creekand has been recognized with two national magazine awards. 

In recent years, Richard has emerged as one of the country's most distinct new voices, combining humour and memoir in pieces about his obsession with Christmas villages and Canada's best volleyball players

His debut collection of poetry, Caribou Run, was published in March 2016 and became one of CBC’s Must Read Collections.

He won a National Magazine award for One-of-a-Kind feature in 2016, and the Fiction award in 2017 for his piece The Unitarian Church's Annual Young Writer's Short Story Competition.


Rick McConnell

Rick McConnell is an author, editor and journalist who has won national and international awards and recognition for his writing, and has been the red pen behind some of Alberta's most powerful journalism. 

With a background in news and feature reporting and a passion for writing fiction, Rick combines the skills of a hard-nosed daily journalist with an author's style and sensibility. He has been an invaluable editor and mentor to some of Canada's top writers and journalists, and is well-respected for both his skill and his generous mentorship. 

Rick's writing includes long features like this profile of Oilers' owner Daryl Katz, Love Story, and the novel Shadowing Dickens

His editing work has shaped (and immeasurably improved) too many stories to name. 

Jana G. Pruden

Jana Pruden is an award-winning feature writer at The Globe and Mail whose work has also appeared on sites like Longform, Longreads and Byliner, and in magazines such as The WalrusReader’s Digest and Sharp.

With a background in breaking news and crime reporting, her work has included narrative features about disgraced lawyer Shawn Beaver and the murder of Candace Derksen.  

She has co-authored two books of true crime, and has an interest in alternate narrative nonfiction techniques and structures. In June 2017, she won two Digital Publishing Awards and another from the Society for Features Journalism for a longform storytelling experiment on Instagram.  She has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College. 

Jana is the founder of The Flat Worms Writing Studio.